What happens when bursting creativity meets technology? The result? The Hottest campaign of the year. Samsung Influencers team Captivate us every time. The pictures speak for themselves

Pepsi Max

Ever wondered what your favorite celebrities look like after eating two lunches in a row?


This is how SOLD OUT all the event tickets for Justin Timberlake concert in israel.

Goldstar Factory

On 2015 Goldstar, Israel's most loved beer, launched Goldstar factory – a lifestyle and fashion brand with designed items and an online store. A stylish team of 50 leaders took the new items for a ride. Wear responsibly.

XL Energy Plus

This is how we launched the new 3 series of functional drinks with 20 celebrities.


Our influencers got almost tattooed in a steamy photoshoot.

Yoplait Yunch

This is how we crowned Tnuva's new sensational yogurt as the most desired lunch around

Tami 4

Tami 4 is coming to town, with a new color collection

Hadera Paper

Already started to recycle? This is how we make it for Hadera Paper.

Jameson St. Patrick’s Day

This is how to make a huge buzz in the social media, for limited Edition Bottle.