5 Minutes With … Marion Trumier

Marion Trumier–AKA @mode.arte–is a Paris-based influencer who has taken her passion for fashion and art to new heights on Instagram.

Her unique style and curated feed are just a couple of reasons her followers love her page, and we’re completely obsessed with how she combines edgy street style with soft, feminine pieces. To top it all off, she can pose in front of the most beautiful architecture in France whenever she wants!

We sat down with her to chat about her top sources of inspiration, her career goals, and her best advice for how to stand out among the masses of fashion-focused Instagrammers.

LEADERS: Marion, how did you begin to grow your presence online? Did it happen naturally or did you consciously decide to focus on it?

MARION: I started publishing at first in a totally random way, for fun, as soon as I wanted to publish in fact! Then one thing leading to another, the algorithm also changing a lot, I started to be a little more “disciplined” in my publications. Now I post once a day in the morning generally, but always in a very spontaneous way in stories. I think it is important to adapt to change, but neither should we change at all and that instagram, like any social network, must remain a pleasure above all! 

I therefore adapted as much as possible to the algorithm, without obsessing myself, and my online presence has developed completely naturally over time.

LEADERS: Who are some online role models you look to for inspiration?

MARION: For my daily inspiration (or almost) I really like the accounts of @mvb, @laurencefortincote, and @cristinamusacchio.

I love Negin Mirsalehi & Chiara Ferragni’s “self made women” spirits.

On the Frenchy side, I love the sparkling personality of @noholita, who I have been following since I started on Instagram


LEADERS: You’ve done amazing work with your past collaborations, and you’re building a great reputation in influencer marketing. What is your dream brand to collaborate with?

MARION: If I had to mention a brand that makes me dream, I would say Chanel or Gucci. 

But more than the brand, my dream would be to co-create a capsule collection – even for a very small brand -! I have always wanted to create, but my studies are more oriented towards business than creation.

LEADERS: What’s the coolest (or strangest!) thing you’ve been asked to do as part of a collaboration?

MARION: My best collaboration so far has been the complete design of a lookbook for an American jewellery brand. They gave me their trust and let me free in my creativity, I have an unforgettable memory of it, especially since it was one of my very first collaborations. 

LEADERS: An important aspect of influencer marketing is staying true to yourself and making sure that your identity isn’t overshadowed by the brands you work with. How do you maintain your own unique, authentic voice on your platform while partnering with brands?

MARION: I think it is first of all essential to carefully select the brands with which we work, whether in terms of image, value, positioning, etc. You can’t do anything at the risk of getting lost! I receive a lot of proposals for collaboration every day, but I only accept a small part of them! I have to refuse nearly 80% of requests for collaboration because I want to remain faithful to myself and honest with people who trust me. Then in the remaining 20%, I am always careful not to have to answer a too rigid brief that would prevent me from using my creativity. If it’s to participate in a campaign copied and pasted on other influencers, I am not interested.

LEADERS: What’s your biggest long term goal–Instagram related or otherwise?

MARION: My long-term dream would be to be able to live by myself from my passions – not necessarily Instagram – but to be autonomous, financially independent, and my own boss. After business studies, I currently work in a multinational company but I can’t find my way around. I find it increasingly difficult to accept the oppressive straitjacket that locks me in, all the layers of validation that prevent me from carrying out my projects… So my biggest dream would be to have my own business, to be able to invest 1000% of myself in it and to be totally fulfilled.

HUGE shoutout to Marion for taking the time to talk with us, and letting us in on the secrets to her success!

Make sure to follow @mode.arte for the latest trends in art and style–we’re sure that she’s destined for great things


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