Turn the hippest people on your block into your Brand’s ambassadors

You know who we’re talking about – the hippest people on your block that everyone knows. You bump into them sometimes, or you might even know them personally. They have built a local community that has yet to reach national scale.

Their number of followers ranges from 1,000 to 10,000, and their engagement rate sometimes breaks 10% – that’s almost twice the rate of any other national-level influencer!

We call them adopters – they adopt brands and talk about them.

We believe in recruiting those local personas to be brand ambassadors because they have credibility and authenticity that regular people identify with.

We provide your ambassadors with free branded products, give them general guidelines regarding your brand’s identity, and let them do their thing. The result is genuine and authentic content – the most important factor in any influencer marketing campaign.

But you are still in control of the campaign, with the ability to monitor and export data on selected KPI’s and the right to use the content your ambassadors create for you through your own marketing channels.